11:00 – 18.30


Stage 69 Productions

USJ21, Subang Jaya, Selangor

11:00 – 18.30


Stage 69 Productions

USJ21, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Singing Class (Singer’s Training)

We offer one of the most famous Singing Class in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. In this class, we train our students on the techniques of singing different genre of songs (Pop, Jazz, Classical and Musical). Our in-house methods have proven to elevate and expand the voice of our students, making them perform like a pro in all occasions. So far, this is one of the MOST POPULAR training in our academy.

Both Private and Group Classes are AVAILABLE! Only Limited Private Class slot is available! Private class runs either in 30 minutes or 45 minutes duration per lesson per week. As for group class, the duration of the class is 1 hour per lesson per week.

Subjects We Cover In Our Vocal Singing Class

Breathing Methods

Vocal Acting and Singing Techniques

Knowing Your Singing Instruments

Different Singing Style and Techniques (According to Genre)


Act The Song

Expression Exploration

Voice Expansion

Exploring Singing Style

How to Nail a Singing Audition

On Camera Performance

Singing Psychology


Students will be taught to sing some famous pop, jazz, classical and musical songs. Students will be trained to be able to perform live singing and also in front of the camera (MTV). We also do voice recording and video shooting for our students to experience acting for the camera and recording artist experience.

To view all of our Singer’s Training videos, please kindly visit our Youtube site : www.youtube.com/stage69productions 

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