Are You Ready to Become a Stage/Musical Theatre Performer Who Can Sing, Act, Dance and Perform Confidently on the Stage and In Front of the Camera?

Recently, Musical Theatre Training has become so popular after the movies such as Frozen, La La Land and The Greatest Showman is out! But do you know, Musical Theatre has been around since the 1920s? Famous Musical Theatre stage performances such The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Hairspray, Matilda are still actively performing around the globe because of their well composed, catchy tunes and awesome choreography.


So what’s Musical Theatre. It might be as known and as popular among the parents in Malaysia unless you are western influenced or a theatre person. Musical Theatre is a form of performance which performers perform singing, dancing and acting all together throughout the whole show or in movies. It is much more challenging to perform because you need to master all these 3 skills because all characters express their thought and emotions through performing the lyrics. Not only that, actors will have to move and dance according to the music tempo and rhythm. All musical theatre performers will have to uphold their discipline to train their stamina, to maintain their voice and to be alert to be able to pick up choreography as fast as they can.

Young Performers Class is a milder version of Musical Theatre and it gives a taste of the younger aged children (from age 5 – 7) to experience the fun of performing using three different skills (singing, acting and movements) and also works on their creativity and confidence skills.

If your child doesn’t like to sing, we do have Acting and Speech Class too. Our Acting and Speech class is a combination of Speech and Drama and Method Acting training and it’s one of the unique course that only our academy offers this. We have our own syllabus that allowed the students to take Trinity Exam (if parents prefer this) or act confidently on the stage or in front of the camera. The methods used in training the children is mainly used in Hollywood and Broadway.

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Why is Musical Theatre/Young Performers Class Unique Than The Other Enrichment Classes?

  • Musical therapy – Musical Theatre involves music! The student has to listen to music in order to sing the right key and also to dance according to the tempo. By following the mood or the genre of the music, the student gets to blend in their emotion and thoughts while singing the lyrics. The process acts as a therapy for the student.
  • Multitask and Extra Focus – In order to perform well in a Musical Theatre, the student needs to perform singing, dancing and acting at the same time. This needs extra focus from the student. It also encourages the student to multitask and keep their brain active.
  • Boost The Student’s Stamina – It can be quite intensive when you combine your singing, dancing and acting together and to perform a show for at least 45 minutes to 2 hours of duration. The student will have to endure long hours of training and rehearsals. But it’s very good to boost the student’s stamina level.
  • More Expressive – In our training, students get to express their emotions, thoughts, and creativity through songs, dance and act! Yes! Three different ways to express!

Why is Acting and Speech Class Unique Than The Other Enrichment Classes?

  • Dialogue based, not only in Speech Form – We need to learn the speech and dialogue pattern to use in everyday life, not just monotone speech presenting to the public.
  • Interactions – We encourage interactions among the students and guide our students to learn to communicate with each other through listening, understanding and reacting to a certain topic or situation. Yes this can only be done in drama class.
  • Method – Studying acting is like studying/imitating human behaviors. Do you know there’s a proper method to analyze characters, their backstory and what affects their behaviors? There is also a method to guide the students on how to act and be empathize towards different characters.

Who Can You Becoming Our Musical Theatre/ Young Performers and Acting and Speech Student

Musical Theatre Training

A Confident Stage Performer/ Presenter

Musical Theatre Training

An Aspiring Screen Actor

Intensive Training

An Educator (Teaching Singing, Acting or Musical Theatre)

Introducing Stage 69 Productions’s

Musical Theatre, Young Performers and Acting and Speech Class

Musical Theatre Training in KL and Selangor

Singing, Dancing and Acting Training in 1 Course!

 Singing Training

  • Applying the Right Breathing Method
  • Pithching
  • Understanding and Application of Singing Instruments
  • Multiple Singing Styles – Belting, Vibrato
  • Singing on Tempo
  • Vocal Warm Up and Projections
  • Singing Multiple Genre of Songs

Acting Training

  • Vocal and Physical Warm Up
  • Movement Exploration
  • Work on Expressions
  • Levels
  • Stage Directions
  • Technical Acting
  • Psychological and Physical Acting (Western Acting Methods)
  • Improvisation
  • Scene Work
  • Ensemble Work

Dancing Training

  • Physical Warm Up
  • Body Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Body Stamina and Strength
  • Identify Rhythm and Tempo
  • Movement Discovery
  • Dance Theatre
  • Multiple Genre of Dance Patterns (Jazz, Street Jazz, Waltz, Hip Hop, Tap and many more)

Currently we only have 2 groups

Group A: Young Performers ( 5- 7 years old), Group B: Musical Theatre ( 7- 12 years old)

Acting and Speech Class Cheras Cover

Speech and Drama and Actor’s Training in 1 Course!

 Speech and Drama

  • Poems
  • Story-telling
  • Role-Play
  • Presentation
  • Short Scene Work
  • Improvisation
  • Prose Reading

Acting Training

  • Vocal and Physical Warm Up
  • Movement Exploration
  • Work on Expressions
  • Levels
  • Stage Directions
  • Technical Acting
  • Psychological and Physical Acting (Western Acting Methods)
  • Improvisation
  • Scene Work (Longer Script)
  • Ensemble Work
  • Mask Theatre

Currently we only have 1 group

Group B: Musical Theatre ( 7- 12 years old)

Do You Want to Challenge Your Child to Take Up Our Classes?

Why Learning With Us?

Actor's Training

We are experienced in the industry, both stage, and films

Performing arts educator

We have gone through performing arts studies and we have education background


We are a group of passionate trainers who love to do something challenging and up to trend.

About Us

About Stage 69 Productions

We are a performing arts production company based in USJ 21, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Founded in 2013, the growing success of the company, can be credited to the unique, innovative and trendsetting way that we train and showcase our students.

Our team currently train the students in centres, schools and academies and also produce shows to showcase the students’ talents sometimes with the collaboration with the industry actors. Our production and creative team are from the industry and we always love to share our passion and knowledge with our students.

Now we are expanding our classes to different areas such as Cheras, Klang and Petaling Jaya.

Are You or Your Child Facing the Following Issues?

Lack of Confidence

Our instructors will guide and encourage the students to share their thoughts and ideas when we are doing scene work and performing in front of the other students or audience helps to boost their confidence. That’s why we produce shows for students to perform. We would like them to conquer the fear by taking the first step!

Introvert and Unable to Mix Around

This requires a close monitor from the instructor to the student. We would communicate more to them also encourage them to watch how other children do it. We also will assign student leaders to motivate and communicate with them when they are doing a scene. With theatre games which specifically target student to mix around, slowly the children will be able to adapt to the group and make new friends

Lack of Creativity

Through theatre games and scene work, we’ll encourage the students to think outside the box. We’ll also introduce acting methods that will challenge them to explore something new. (New ideas, new ways to interpret and express their ideas)

Need effective guidance to build skills and experience teamwork?

Our center provides training for students at all levels be it a newcomer or an experienced performer. Besides just technical skills, students can gain valuable teamwork and problem-solving experiences through taking part in our productions. They will have to carry themselves independently and professionally while carrying their own unique roles and responsibilities while working together with their peers.

Lack of venue for the children to showcase their talents 

We’ve got this covered! We expose our students to the international audience through social media (through video shooting) and also produce stage performance for them to showcase their talents.

Our Students’ Testmonials

Musical Theatre Training in KL and Selangor

Ms Gabbie is a really good teacher. Before I learn from her, my singing was really flat and I wasn’t confident to sing at all. But after learning with Ms.Gabbie, I could belt and my singing is much better than before.

Musical Theatre Training in KL and Selangor

My skills in performing arts have improved exponentially after receiving training from Stage 69 Productions. I used to have stage fright but not anymore and now I am actively performing and my recent play was Matilda the musical as the father!

Vocal Singing Class in KL and Selangor

I like Singer’s Training because I get to control my voice, sound and video shooting and also learning about dance choreography for my song.

Our Past Show Productions

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