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Stage 69 Productions

USJ21, Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Stage 69 Productions

USJ21, Subang Jaya, Selangor
Musical Theatre Class
Musical Theatre Training
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Sing, dance and act to famous Disney and Broadway Musicals

Acting and Speech
Kids,Teens and Adult Acting & Speech Class

A class that combines Speech and Drama and Technical Acting Methods

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Singing Class

Singer's Training

Want more than just karaoke singing? Come and explore and learn our proven singing methods now and project powerful vocals!
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Public Speaking Class

Public Speaking For Kids, Teens and Adults
(Hosting Training Included)

Speak like a Pro
Be an Influencer
Be an Aspiring Host

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Trinity Certificate Examinations

is AVAILABLE in 2019!

Speech and Drama, Acting and Musical Theatre

Regardless of children or adults, develop new skills, improving performing portfolio, building confidence and communication ability are among the common reasons students train under us. For individuals that wish to upgrade their skills for competitions, career demands, or academic applications, we have intensive
short courses and corporate training crafted for these needs. Artistic and show management courses including practical training are also available for anyone who wish to understand more about theater show organizing.

Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes

Group classes that run every week, year long.
Suitable for students who wish to develop consistent progress.
Able to develop skills teamwork and communication skills over time.

Private Classes

Private Classes

1 to 1 training that runs weekly. Schedule can be arrange with teachers.
Suitable for students that wants private coaching for specific skills or training goals.

Intensive Training

Intensive Training

Conducted in small groups or individual basis.
The class have longer hours and runs multiple sessions per week over 2 or 3 months.
Suitable for students who want to build specific portfolio for education or career skills within a short time.
Artistic, Management and Technical classes also fall under this category.


Corporate Trainings

Training content is tailor made to suit training schedule and requirements of companies or community.
Suitable for team building or learning supplementary career skills.
Training subject can be focus or generalize.

Stage 69 Productions

Why Choose Us?


We have over 9 years of experience teaching and producing shows


Enthusiastic and talented pool of instructors are always here to help you and your child to discover and expand you/ your child’s potential


Our instructors will ensure the trainings run in good quality and achieve international standard.

Shows & Concerts

Upcoming Shows in 2019

The Underground Children A Musical

The Underground Children A Musical

Coming soon is December 2019


Here’s what just some of our clients have said


My name is Too Xiaoqi but most people would call me by my English name Jen, and I was a student at Stage 69 Productions for 3 months under intensive training. The subjects I took are directing, singing and acting, I also took part in their year end musical theater performance I co directed back in December 2017. Right now I am currently studying in Taiwan majoring in Performing Arts, and I manage to get in is partially because of Stage 69 Productions. It helped me in a lot of ways and also it helped prepared for what’s coming when studying in Taiwan, as the competition there is intense and everyone is competitive. My former teacher Miss Gabbie also helped me in many ways to get me prepared before going to Taiwan to study, she was patient and made sure that I was able to catch up with everything she has taught all in 3 months, I would be lying if I said any of those were easy but it sure was very enjoyable because of the bond built between us. After the 3 months of intensive training I finally got my certificate and all the basics she has taught helped me in many ways with my studies, basics are always important and thanks to that I was able to catch up with what my lecturers taught in class and it helped me focus a lot more better after knowing the basics and also some history of Performing Arts itself. I also learned that Performing Arts it’s not only about performing on stage but also it is important to know what’s going on backstage and how everything works, that’s why rehearsals before every performance is very important. Therefore I am very thankful that I have found Stage 69 Productions and was willing to give it a try, because if I wasn’t part of Stage 69 Productions I would be struggling with my studies and have lesser knowledge of what I love doing.

– Too XiaoQi, Selangor, Malaysia 



The acting class has boosted my confidence in public speaking. Growing up shy and introverted, i find that socializing does not come naturally to me but the acting class has helped me in social environments. i am now more confident and happier both at work and personal life. It also enables me to be more expressive and has helped me at work as a 3D artist especially when i communicate creative ideas in brainstorming sessions.



The directing class has equipped me with basic understanding of arts in general. Coming from the video game industry as an artist, communication has always been a challenge for me. This directing class has elevate my struggles and i am now more articulate in expressing ideas similar to a stage director.

– Hafiz, Selangor, Malaysia 


Learning more about performing really helped with my overall confidence. I learned many techniques about acting,singing and dancing which i will never forget. I made so many life long friends and worked with wonderful people who made me better as an individual as they motivate me to be the best version of myself

Praveena — Selangor, Malaysia

I am writing this testimonial to support and testify my 3 months intensive course that i enrolled at Stage 69 Production during the year 2018.

I am currently a Kindergarten teacher teaching music to the preschoolers and also in charge of the school yearly concert.  In order to be pro-active and to learn more about directing, I took up Intensive Directing training course under the tutelage of Miss Gabbie Ngoh.  During the duration of the course, I was taught to focus on using the Stanislavsky’s method in directing a play, I learn to craft each and every characters in every of the cast and bringing them to life.  I learned to analyse each character, and also their character and traits. I have also also learned how to analyse scripts, transform ideas and creativity on to stage performances. Technique and style in bringing stage performance to live was also imparted along the way.  I was also taught the work of Stanislavsky vs Grotowski and it was really an eye opener for me that under every circumstances, a director is supposed to be able to bring a production to life with or without props or with minimal props. 

I was given the Director role to direct the musical showcase HOPE AMONGST DISPARITY for their year end production under the guidance of Miss Gabbie for my practical training. Ground work preparation from liaison with the production manager to the vocal & dance director goes along when you have to oversee the dance & songs to fit into every scene not forgetting stage crew for sound & lightings. I have learned that different lightings goes for different scene & also different angles and terms like what is “white blue wash, warm wash, flood wash, silhouette” for lightings. Costume designing for each scene was very challenging but exciting when you researched for the very detailed costume for each scene and also the time & era of the musical showcase.  Background music was also researched to suit each and every scene. Theatre terms like Scene blocking, stage direction, what is 4th wall was also taught.

Last but not least, endless hours of practises was put in to train the cast and to make sure they could play and bring their role to life when they are on stage.  Along the way, we make friends, we laugh, we bonded, we joke but we have time to be serious & we learned to work as a team. At the end of the day, when I was presented with my graduating cert, it was all worth the while for all the sleepless nights of research.  And when you see casts parting ways teary eyed, I know not only have they impacted my life but mine on theirs. It was a wonderful experience for me throughout my course and practical training. 

Ivy — Selangor, Malaysia

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